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10/29 #NightOf TheOrishas @stArtGAlleryATL

Last Saturday was definitely a night of epic proportions!With a unique space like @startgalleryatl it was only right to bring our #Ancestors to life and celebrate them in this setting. With @yesbabyilikeitraw & co-host @iloveyoufun the energy was filled with moments of creativity as @agape.__collaborated with @_ohsograceful ,@highoffmarkers blessed@yoga_at_a_glance with a beautiful back tribute to Ayao while newcomer @sprngbreakswiss laced the beautiful smiling couple @mojoxflow bringing the animal out of them both. If you missed it, then you definitely missed Orisha Erinle come to life on @tamicasherie done by "Red Bandit" 😂👊🏾💯 @ezratheprofessionalwhile @iamreneewatkins lead a group flow to kickoff the performances as the yogis warmed up. @chantre11e stands in the middle of it all as aka "Black Jesus" asked the crowd to party with him and let the rest of the 🌎 know what there missing👌🏾💯. Yeah, Saturday was definitely a night to remember.

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