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The Call and Response

Can you hear it? Do you feel it? The Spirits on of The Orishas were alive and well @startgalleryatl. The line was long, people watched in amazement and joy as artist like @royalempress_art_z @ricky_havok @abeillecreations @miahbfresh prepare their masterpieces.

The vibe was electric as @yesbabyilikeitraw introduced @littlemsdaisha with a chant in correlation of the Deity " Oya ". @yogaplayground@dade2shelby @by_elr @jacofalltrades7 &@by_elr showed the crowd that #Blackmendoyoga as @yoga_at_a_glancecreates the perfect #Crow #NightofOrishas was a night of Black Excellence in the most Artistic, Free Spirited Way. If you missed it, enjoy the footage and we hope to see you at the next one 🙏🏾✊🏾


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